This booklet “Bergamo 2.035 | A new urban concept” presents an updated synthesis of the research work pursued by the Bergamo 2.035 initiative, whose first outcomes were published in 2014 through a comprehensive book – written in Italian.

Both the foreword and the introduction are here included in Chinese also, as Bergamo 2.035 has been chosen as a “model” to be showcased at the Italian Pavilion of the 2016 China International Technology Fair (CSTIF) in Shanghai.

Given the uncertainties that affect the spheres of technology, politics, economics and demographics, to envisage scenarios for future cities would appear an arduous and, at worst, a useless exercise. Nonetheless, it is possible to prospect a future through a more careful analysis of the present trends, starting from the constraints and opportunities of current developments.

Bergamo 2.035 is in fact a specific instance of application of this vision to a well-defined territory, taking into account the city’s distinctive features, its size and its relationship with surrounding areas, its cultural and productive vocations; in short all those aspects that make each single territory “unique”.

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